Nomade Holbox is located in front of the beach on Holbox Island and offers 5-star accommodations, an outdoor pool, garden and restaurant. This 5-star hotel features a bar and offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. Some accommodations have a terrace with ocean views.

What is the distance from Cancun airport to Hotel Nomade Holbox?

The distance from the Cancun airport to the Chiquila port marine terminal is 45.2 km. From here you have to take a ferry to cross to Holbox Island. The distance from the port of Holbox Island to My blue hotel is 2.6 km and can be reached on foot or by golf cart (cab service) within the island.

How long is the private transfer time to the Nomade Holbox?

The transfer time from Cancun airport to the port of Chiquila is 1 hour and 30 minutes and the ferry transfer time from the Chiquila maritime terminal to the Holbox maritime terminal is 25 minutes. And the approximate time to get to the hotel “Nomade Holboxl” from the Holbox maritime terminal is 10 to 11 minutes approximately.

What is the cost of the transfer?

The price of a single transfer from Cancun airport to the Chiquila maritime terminal is 225 USD and the price of the round trip transportation service (Round Trip) is 480 USD.   The cost of the round trip Ferry from Chiquila to Holbox and from Holbox to Chiquila is 440.00 MXN (25 USD approximately) and the cab from the maritime terminal of Holbox Island to “Nomade Holbox” is 2 USD.

Price Cancun Airport to Nomade Holbox

Private Service Private Service Private Service
1-3 passengers 4-6 passengers 7-8 passengers
One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
250 USD 480 USD 250 USD 480 USD 250 USD 480 USD

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