Cancun Transportation to Puerto Aventuras from Cancun

Private Transportation in Puerto Aventuras

We are "Cancun Airport Transportation" one of the best private transfer agencies to and from Cancun Airport to your hotel, accommodation, vacation home, airbnb or tour in Puerto Aventuras

Cancun airport is not the end of your destination, Cancun airport is the beginning of your vacation adventure in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and our Cancun transfers team is ready to be part of your experience with a private, safe, clean, reliable and secure transportation service.

We offer private transfers, group transfers, luxury transfers, limousine transfers and our vehicles can be equipped to travel with babies or your pet. What are you waiting for to book?

Why book your transportation to Puerto Aventuras?

Puerto Aventuras is 71 km away from Cancun airport and although this distance seems to be almost nothing, actually getting to Puerto Aventuras by other means of transportation can be a "bad experience".

In some of them you will have to wait in line for up to 1 hour to board, in others you will have to share your service with strangers and in addition, you may be charged more than what it really costs.

DON'T GET RIPPED OFF! And don't let any of this ruin your vacation experience. When you book with us you can be sure that you won't pay more, you won't share your service with other people and you won't wait in line to board.

shuttle playa del carmen

What are our services?

Our private transfer services go beyond just taking you and your family from the Cancun airport to your hotel, we also offer luxury transfer services, roundtrip transfers, hotel to hotel transfers and right now we will tell you a little bit about each of them.

Simple and round trip

With us you can choose from a simple shuttle service from the airport to your hotel, from your hotel to the airport or a round trip shuttle service where our team will be waiting for you at the Cancun airport to take you to Playa del Carmen and then pick you up at your hotel in Playa del Carmen and take you to the airport in Cancun.

traslado privado cancun a Playa del Carmen

Hotel to Hotel

The Riviera Maya is very large and you have probably divided your vacation in days to be in the different cities and areas that make up the Riviera Maya. Then you need a hotel to hotel transportation service. This service will pick you up at your hotel in Playa del Carmen and take you to the hotel in the same area or in a different region which can be Cancun, Costa, Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Tulum or even Bacalar.

traslado grupo cancun a playa del Carmen

Private, luxury and for groups

Our service is not limited to the use of a single unit. For your convenience at the time of booking with us you can choose between different types of transportation and which can be the standard private service, group transportation service, vip services, luxury transfer, limousine transportation. So don't limit yourself and be pampered as you deserve in this Cancun vacation.

traslado de lujo cancun a plaay del carmen

Our Transfer Rates to Puerto Aventura

DON'T PAY MORE! You can book your private transfer service with us right now and you won't have to pay a single peso more, you won't have to wait in line to board and you won't have to share your transportation service with other people.

Are our prices similar to other companies? Yes, our prices are similar to other transfer companies but our commitment to you will always be to give you one of the best transfer services and experiences in Puerto Aventuras. So right now we present you our rates.

From / To Private Service Private Service Private Service
1-3 passengers 4-6 passengers 7-8 passengers
Playa del Carmen 79 USD 135 USD 85 USD 145 USD 95 USD 165 USD

Private Shuttle to all hotels in Puerto Aventura

Check out our list of accommodations, hotels, vacation rentals, apartments, Airbnb and hostels we can take you to.


Aventuras Club Marina
B&B Mom’s House
Bahía Xcacel, Puerto Aventuras
Baru Luxury Homes Puerto Aventuras
Casa Corazon
Casa Del Sueño
Casa Delfìn
Casa Familia
Casa La Torre
Casa Mako
Casa Marino Rivera Maya
Casa Paloma
Casa Sarita
Casa Zama Riviera Maya
Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort & Spa- All Inclusive
Chez Waffle by Inmense
Colibri Paradise Puerto Aventuras


Condo Bellmare
Condo Playa
Condominium Nautica
Coral Maya Stay Suites
Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya
Getaway Villa w/ pool
Gran Peninsula
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya – Hacienda All Inclusive
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya- Heaven Section (Adults Only) All Inclusive
Isla Bonita
KASA Hotel Riviera Maya
La casa del Pueblo
La Salamandra
Las Palmas
Little Caribbean
Marina Real Condo Puerto Aventuras
Ocean Front Condominium


PA Beach Club & Hotel by GuruHotel
Penthouse Xcaret Puerto Aventuras
Puerto Aventuras Villa Sleeps 10 with Pool
Puerto Aventuras Villa Sleeps 8 with Pool and Air Con
Riviera Maya Haciendas – Hacienda Corazon
Rosa Del Desierto
Villa Camilla
Villa Corazon Deluxe
Villa Nautica by Riviera Maya Haciendas
Villa Sereni-Tee
Villa Serenity Now
Villas Picalu Lodge
Villas Picalu Studios & Suites
Vive la Real Riviera Maya
Yamanik Puerto Aventuras Condo

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is a private and residential area of the Riviera Maya that is located just 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen. It is a magical place, which has everything necessary to make each of its visitors never forget the place.

It houses from private houses to large 5-star hotels, all inclusive and luxury. It also has an interactive aquarium, restaurants and one of the largest marinas in the Riviera Maya. A place to stay will be a real pleasure

How to get to Puerto Aventuras?

In order to get to Puerto Aventuras from Cancun or from Cancun Airport, you have the following means of transportation: Private Transportation, Taxis, Vans, ADO bus

Private Transportation

The best option to get to Puerto Aventuras from the Cancun Airport or from any part of downtown Cancun, is through the private transfer service

The service has an approximate cost of 70 USD and depending on the number of people who accompany you, this price may increase. Similarly, the price of the private transfer service varies depending on the type of transfer: private transfer, luxury transfer, group transfer, limousine transfes.

It should be noted that this service has capacity for up to 9 people (Private) and up to 16 people (For groups) and they are equipped with air conditioning, ample space and free WIFI.


If you are traveling alone or with at least two other people and you are in a hurry to get to Puerto Aventuras from the Cancun airport or even from downtown Cancun, you can make use of the taxi transportation service.

Generally the taxis you take from the Cancun airport are in good condition, clean and have air conditioning. But if you take it from the center of Cancun, it is very safe that you will run into vehicles in poor condition, dirty and even very noisy.

It should be noted that the approximate cost of the transfer to Puerto Aventuras from Cancun by taxi, can be from 1500.00 MXN per trip.

Colectivo de Playa Express

Another economical option for transportation to Puerto Aventuras is the option of the Playa Express vans. If you are in the center of Cancun, you can take the bus that has a cost of 45.00 MXN and which will take you to Playa del Carmen.

From Playa del Carmen, you can take another van from the line “ transportation service to Tulum and tell the driver to let you get off in Puerto Aventuras

ADO bus

As such there is no direct transfer from Cancun to Puerto Aventuras by ADO bus, however you can take the means of transport and ask the driver to drop you off in Puerto Aventuras.

In this case, you will take the ADO to Tulum or Playa del Carmen and from Playa del Carmen take a bus to Tulum, but request the descent in Puerto Aventuras.

What is the distance from Cancun to Puerto Aventuras?

The distance from Cancun Airport to Puerto Aventuras is 76 kilometers.

What is the transfer time from Cancun to Puerto Aventuras?

The approximate transfer time from Cancun Airport to Puerto Aventuras is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

What is the best way to get to Puerto Aventuras?

The best way to get to Puerto Aventuras from Cancun airport without much hassle is through our private transfer service from Cancun to Puerto Aventuras.