Playa Casa Maya

Casa Maya Beach is an “unofficial Cancun” beach named after the Casa Maya hotel that is located in front of it and is a perfect place to enjoy the local life, with calm, quiet and shallow waters.

Casa Maya Beach

Let’s remember that Cancun’s beaches are totally public and that they have been “a bit overshadowed by the big hotels in the hotel zone”. Therefore, getting to some beaches is a bit complicated, because not only do you have to walk through miles of sand, but they are not equipped with public services.

This was not the case at Casa Maya Beach. Because there is a small “entrance” between the hotel and the beach in a public way, this beach became a paradise for the locals.

Why? Because its waters are very calm and besides, the grandeur of the hotel covers all visitors from the sun’s rays. Or in other words, its waters are cold and icy.

playa casa maya cancun

How to get to Casa Maya Beach

To get to Playa Casa Maya, as the locals call it, you will first need to get to Playa Langostas. Why? Because Playa Langostas is next to the Casa Maya hotel and therefore, from Playa Langosta you just have to walk to the right hand side and in less than 2 minutes you will be at this beautiful beach in Cancun’s hotel zone.

It is worth mentioning that this beach is not equipped or well if it is; but all its equipment is for the exclusive use of hotel guests. Remember again that this beach is next to Playa Langosta and this is where you can find parking, bathrooms, showers, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Is it worth visiting? Yes, it is really worth visiting this beach in Cancun, but again we repeat it is an “unofficial” beach and the locals gave it the name of the hotel, but thanks to the tranquility of its waves and its shallow depth it became a paradise to explore.