Playa Las Perlas Cancun

Playa las Perlas is one of the first beaches we find at the entrance of Cancun’s Hotel Zone and it is a totally family beach, with very calm waters, shallow depth and full of different activities and facilities for the whole family.

Playa Las Perlas Cancún

Playa las Perlas is located just 2.5 kilometers away from the entrance of the hotel zone of Cancun and precisely because of this proximity you can reach it walking, by bike, by bus, by car or even on a skateboard.

Let’s remember that kilometer zero is the entrance to Cancun’s hotel zone.

In fact, this beach is the favorite of many athletes on weekends, as they add it to their tour, entering in Playa Las Perlas to continue along the white sand of Cancun and exit near kilometer 4.5, that is, by the quality bridge which we will tell you about in another post.

On the other hand, the name of the beach as such is not because of the hotel “Las Perlas” that is located in the area, it is rather a reference to the pearls of the sea.

Remember that Cancun’s beaches as such were mostly named after marine flora and fauna.

playa las perslas cancun mexico

Its location gives you the advantage of not having to wait for the buses from the hotel zone to be able to “return” to the center of the city and if you are traveling by car, you don’t have to worry, because this beach has parking.

In Playa las Perlas you will also find a small park for children, small cabanas for public use, showers, restrooms and of course lifeguards that will protect your physical integrity at all times. Also in this beach of Cancun beaches you can find nearby rental boards for paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking.

paddle board playa las perlas

Las Perlas Beach Facilities

This beach has several facilities that will undoubtedly make your visit much more enjoyable and these facilities are:

  • Parking: The beach has a parking lot that usually accommodates up to 5o vehicles and its schedule is from 8 am to 6 pm. It is worth mentioning that after these hours only and only vehicles are no longer allowed in the parking lot.
  • Palapas: The beach has some small palapas with bases for visitors to place their things and hide from the sun. The palapas are free of charge.
  • Sun beds: Currently this beach has sun beds that are for public use, however, it is customary to leave a tip to the beach staff that takes care of them, as well as help you to install and safeguard you.
  • Showers and bathrooms: The beach has showers and bathrooms for public use and totally free, however you are usually charged about 5 pesos to access them, this is due to the maintenance and cleaning done by the staff.


Playa las Perlas is the first beach you will find in the hotel zone of Cancun and is a totally family beach, a beach that you definitely have to know if you are traveling with children and of course, we advise you to stay near it. This way you will not have many problems to get to downtown Cancun and you will save a lot of money on airfare.

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