Playa Linda

Perhaps this is the only beach in Cancun that does not have a name referring to marine flora and fauna like the others. But the reality is that the beauty of this beach and the visual spectacle of the pirate ships, the Calinda Bridge and the natural intersection between the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon do justice to its name and now we will tell you a little about it.

Linda Beach

Playa Linda is the beach located at km 4 of Cancun’s hotel zone and has a privileged location: It is located near the “Embarcadero”, which is a small marina from where you can take the ferry to Isla Mujeres.

But not only that, from here you can climb the scenic tower of the Xcaret group, of course paying 150.00 MXN and contemplate the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, the hotel zone, Isla Mujeres and downtown Cancun.

But if this is not enough, you can also hire a helicopter tour or even better, you can buy your passes to enjoy the show on the pirate ship Jolly Roger or Captain Hook.

Of course, all this is what you can find in this beach, but there is even more: The beach is very close to a restaurant bar where every weekend they have their “salsa nights”, so if you are a lover of Latin rhythms, this is the place to be!

How to get to Playa Linda?

To get to this beach you will need to take a public transportation service to the hotel zone. You can take this transportation from downtown Cancun and ask the driver to give you a stop near the Calinda Bridge, the Cancun Theater, the Embarcadero or at km 4.

Both names are references of places close to this beach and therefore, you will get off at km 4. Once at this km you have to “Cross the Street”, to pass to the other side of the avenue and enter Playa Linda.

It is worth mentioning that you will have to enter the “Embarcadero” plaza and once inside walk to the left hand side to get to this beautiful beach of Cancun.

What can I find near Playa Linda?

The privileged location of this beach allows you to find less than 5 minutes away the Cancun theater, the pier, the Sirena Raw restaurant, mini stores where you can buy drinks and snacks, as well as the famous scenic tower of Cancun, the pirate ships, the nichupté lagoon and the art garden.

playa linda cancun mexico

What can I do in Playa Linda?

Playa Linda as such is a “not very popular” beach locally, because next to it there are several hotels and as we know: These hotels already have their lounge chairs, palapas, restaurants and bars that are usually exclusive only for their guests.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t really enjoy this beach, in fact: The hotels themselves with their music set the mood. Although it should be noted that in this beach you can enjoy its crystalline and shallow waters, as well as rent a kayak or paddle board.

Tips and Recommendations

This beach is equipped more by hotels than public and therefore, do not expect to find showers or bathrooms and although it is close to a mini supermarket, it is best to bring all your drinks and snacks so you do not have to be leaving the beach every few minutes.

Finally, remember that from here you can enjoy the illumination of the pirate ships and watch them set sail, which is an unparalleled spectacle for our eyes and senses.