Another of the hotels from the Flamingo chain, this one in particular is a little smaller than the others, perfect for those who want something a little more discreet and small, with very quiet decorations between white and blue, for these things and many others this hotel received a four star rating and a score of no more and no less than 8.9 out of 10, which is quite high for being in Cancun, it is recommended for families or young couples and is located between the hotel zone and downtown Cancun.

Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya

Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya

Flamingo Paradise Front By Cielo Maya is one of these kind of hotels that offers a great list of things for its guests, from activities to the best restaurants within the location, some of them are: quality wifi and good speed, ideal to keep up to date and upload content, parking with surveillance to avoid inconveniences, public bathroom in the facilities for any emergency, outdoor pool without age restrictions, with the necessary furniture to relax and sunbathe comfortably, garden with the necessary furniture to appreciate the green areas, terraces, balconies, outdoor dining, picnic area, tourist information and tours in the locality, children’s area, and much more for you to enjoy your stay.

Located in a very central point, perfect for all those who want a place that is close to all the necessary points in a trip as a foreigner, for example, this hotel is near 5 different beaches, which are ideal if you want to see the natural beauty of the city, also that close to stadiums, airports, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, the government palace and many other things that you will find fascinating for your trip.

In this hotel there is only one type of room, all with ocean view, the difference is that you want a bed, the rest come with kitchen, living room, and much more.

Where is the Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya located?

The Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya hotel is located very close to Puerto Juarez, past the overseas maritime terminal and the Mexican Navy marina. In a few words, you could say that it is located in a very quiet and calm area. Let’s remember that Puerto Juarez is a very quiet place in Cancun.


How to get to Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya?

Since the Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya hotel is located in Puerto Juarez, the best way to get to the front door of the hotel is by private transfer service and of course, we also have other options such as cab and public transportation.

Private Transportation

The private transfer service is the best option to get from the Cancun airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the Cancun airport. It is very comfortable, spacious, safe, equipped with free WIFI, air conditioning, electrical connections to charge your mobile devices and also, you can make the reservation online.

This way you don’t have to worry about anything: The transfer team will be waiting for you at the Cancun airport on the day of your flight arrival. Moreover, by being able to book and pay online, you won’t have to pay a single peso more.


The cab is a private service provided in a small unit with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers. Of course: These 4 passengers should have few suitcases, since being a small unit does not have much space to carry a lot of luggage.

These units are usually much faster than other types of service, but despite there is a specific rate on the transfer costs; These costs are not usually respected by the drivers of the units. So you can pay from 1,000.00 MXN to 1,500.00 MXN per transfer.

It should be noted that you have to wait in line to board one of these units. However, if you are in a hurry to get to the door of your hotel, this means of transportation may be your best option.

Public transportation

This option is the most economical and in a certain sense a little “heavy”, because you have to find the ADO bus station from the airport first, to buy your ticket, board the bus and get to downtown Cancun. Once in downtown Cancun you can take a public bus that will take you to Lopez Portillo and Tulum avenues.

At this point, you just need to take another bus or a van to Puerto Juarez and be aware of the Google Maps application to request your stop as close as possible to the Flamingo Paradise Front by Cielo Maya.


Since the hotel is a bit far away, we highly recommend the private transfer service. However, you already know other options and it’s up to you which one you want to take and of course, that it doesn’t hurt your pockets. But remember, you are in Cancun! So just enjoy your vacation.


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