Not so big, not so small, an ideal place if you are looking for something in between, safe, picturesque and with red, white and black room decoration, quite minimalist and well structured. Rated with three stars and punctuated with a 7.6, making it a good place in the average of Cancun hotels, this hotel does not have services dedicated to children, therefore it is recommended exclusively to couples or adults, in addition to this we must emphasize its location, which is the center of Cancun.

Hotel Batab

Batab Hotel

Hotel Batab, although it is a not so big place, it has everything you need to make your stay the best, and if what you need is not in the hotel you will probably find it very close since it is a very central place. It has for you internet of a very good quality, free parking, with security and camera service to protect your vehicle, it has a restaurant with a good rating, tour information for those who wish to do guided tourism, reception service around the clock in case you have questions, problems, or any inconvenience, billing if you need it, dual language service if necessary and more.

It is located close to many places you will love to visit, among these are the Cancun bus station, Cristo Rey Church, Las Palapas Park, Cancun Government Palace, Toro Valenzuela Stadium, Cancun Culture Center, Beto Avila Stadium, Andres Quintana Roo Stadium, Plaza Las Americas shopping mall, and much more, and a little further away you have beaches, airports, hospitals, universities and more.

With two different types of rooms, the first one was the standard double room, in this one you have two double beds, ideal for four to five people, the second room is the superior double room, which also has two double beds and works for four to five people.

Where is Hotel Batab located?

The Batab Hotel in Cancun is located very close to “El Crucero de Cancun”, an area that in the past was one of the busiest places for local people and that today, still keeps a lot of commercial stores, food places, restaurants and more.

The postal address of the hotel is: 52 Chichen Itza Av. 52, 77500 Cancun, Q.R.

How to get to Hotel Batab?

Hotel Batab is located in a central area, however, it can be considered a little far from the ADO terminal, the palapas park or the government palace. Therefore, the transfer options from the Cancun airport to the hotel are: Private transportation, cab transportation and ADO bus.

Private Transportation

The private transfer service is the best option to move from the Cancun airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the Cancun airport. It is very comfortable, spacious, safe, equipped with free WIFI, air conditioning, electrical connections to charge your mobile devices and also, you can make the reservation online.

This way you don’t have to worry about anything: The transfer team will be waiting for you at the Cancun airport on the day of your flight arrival. And since you can book and pay online, you won’t have to pay a single peso more.

So don’t hesitate and book your transfer in Cancun right now.


The cab is a private service provided in a small unit with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers. Of course: These 4 passengers should have few suitcases, since being a small unit does not have much space to carry a lot of luggage.

These units are usually much faster than other types of service, but despite there is a specific rate on the transfer costs; These costs are not usually respected by the drivers of the units. So you can pay from 500.00 MXN to 1,000.00 MXN per transfer.

It should be noted that you have to wait in line to board one of these units. However, if you are in a hurry to get to the door of your hotel, this means of transportation may be your best option.


From the Cancun airport you can buy your ticket to take the ADO bus or colectivo. This will take you to downtown Cancun and once you are here, you can take a cab or a public transportation bus to get to the Batab hotel. It is worth mentioning that the hotel is located about 20 minutes walking distance from the ADO terminal in Cancun.


The Batab hotel is an excellent option to stay in Cancun and without a doubt, it is in an area full of fun and where you can mingle with the local people. Besides, now that you know the options to move to this Cancun airport hotel, you won’t really have problems to book your stay here. See you soon in other posts!


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