Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres is part of the municipality of Isla Mujeres and like the previous one, it is a continental zone and can be reached by road.

This small continental zone is located a few minutes away from Costa Mujeres and Isla Blanca. Also, just like Costa Mujeres: This area is surrounded by virgin beaches, a few hotels, mangroves, tropical jungles and of course, an incredible tranquility, privacy and calmness.

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Playa Mujeres is one of the luxury destinations of the Riviera Maya, where its impressive all-inclusive hotels will become the perfect oasis for you and where golf lovers will have the time of their lives.

Where is Playa Mujeres located?

Playa Mujeres is located on the mainland of Isla Mujeres. Less than 5 minutes from Costa Mujeres, Puerto Juarez and Isla Blanca.

It is considered one of the newest in the Riviera Maya and has attracted the attention of hundreds of travelers for its incredible all-inclusive hotels, world-class golf course and one of the largest marinas in the region.

Unlike Costa Mujeres, Playa Mujeres is located much closer to downtown Cancun, the hotel zone, the airport and even closer to the Puerto Juarez maritime terminal from where you can go and take the ferry to cross to Isla Mujeres.

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How to get to Playa Mujeres?

To get to Playa Mujeres from Cancun airport it will be necessary to use a private transfer service or private cab. Of course, this is in case you want to get directly to your hotel in Playa Mujeres.  However, due to the proximity between Playa Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, you can get to Playa Mujeres by other means such as ADO service and combine it with public transportation.

Private Transfer

The private transfer service to Playa Mujeres is the best option for all people looking to get directly to any of their hotels or nearby hotels.

It is a 100% private service, with ample space to carry up to 8 people or more and can be customized with baby seats, drinks, food and even other types of vehicles, which can be a limousine, a Suburban van or even a Cadillac.

It is worth mentioning that the costs are very variable, depending on the amount of passengers, as well as the type of vehicle, however the average cost of the transfer is around $855.00 MXN.

Transportation Rates

From / To Private Service Private Service Private Service
1-3 passengers 4-6 passengers 7-8 passengers
One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
Transportation from Cancun Airport to Costa Mujeres 45 USD 75 USD 55 USD 80 USD 700 USD 100 USD

Private Taxi

The private cab service is another option to get from the Cancun airport to your hotel in Costa Mujeres. This service is highly recommended for all people traveling light, in a hurry to get to your hotel or to the Cancun airport.

In addition, it is a totally private service with a maximum capacity of 3 passengers, but with very few suitcases. In addition, this service can be booked online and this way, you will not have to wait in line to board it.

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Book now with us your private transfer or cab service to Playa Mujeres. Book and pay online, don't wait in line, don't wait longer than necessary and travel safely to and from Cancun airport to the door of your hotel.

ADO + Public Transportation

Do you want to save money? Then you can take the ADO shared shuttle service which costs approximately 98.oo Mexican pesos or 5 USD. You can take this shuttle from the Cancun airport terminal and as such, it will drop you off in downtown Cancun.

From downtown Cancun you can take a public transportation service to Puerto Juarez and as mentioned before, Playa Mujeres is only 5 minutes away: Playa Mujeres is only 5 minutes away from the Puerto Juarez exit. So if you are traveling light and want to spend as little as possible on your transfer to Playa Mujeres, this option is ideal for you!

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Hotels in Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres has a list of exclusive resorts, 5-star resorts, all-inclusive and hotels that will impress you with their architecture, the luxurious details in each one of their facilities, the highly personalized attention of the staff of each one of these hotels and of course, the great amount of day and night activities that each one of them has prepared for you. As well as their incredible gastronomic journey in their restaurants. So without a doubt, the hotels in Playa Mujeres will be your allies to live unforgettable experiences!

  • Finest Playa Mujeres
  • Garza Blanca Playa Mujeres
  • Hotel Casa Mexicana Cancun
  • Hotel Casablanca Cancun
  • Hotel del Sol - Playa Mujeres
  • Marina Hacienda del Mar
  • Marina VV Playa Mujeres
  • Motel del Rey
  • Paradisus Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres Golf Course

Are you a golf lover? Playa Mujeres will undoubtedly become a paradise for you, as it has one of the best World Class Golf Courses in the Riviera Maya. The Playa Mujeres Golf Course has 18 years, incredible landscapes and of course: Challenges for all players.

This golf course was designed by Greg Norman and where he focused on creating a great golf course, which requires consistency and precision when facing the constantly changing winds, represents a challenge for even the most experienced golfer and of course, you can come, enjoy and play it.



Playa Mujeres Golf Course



Playa Mujeres is an area that has it all, incredible hotels, natural attractions, pristine beaches, an incredible golf course and of course one of the biggest and best marinas in the Riviera Maya.

The V&V Marina is located in front of the second longest barrier reef in the world and has stood out for its enormous extension of 1.5 kilometers. This extension gives it the opportunity to receive 176 boats up to 255 feet in length.

In addition, the Playa Mujeres Marina offers world-class products, services and facilities, allowing us to go beyond expectation. Our clients' passion for the sea and their boats motivates us to always provide quality, innovation and unsurpassed service.​

What to do in Playa Mujeres?

Playa Mujeres is an exclusive area of the Riviera Maya and in which most of the hotels are in charge of the development of recreational activities for families, children and adults. Among these activities we can list theme dinners, tennis games, live music, shows, shows, golf lessons, discotheque, excursions and tours.

However, if you decide to go out on your own to explore the place, you may want to go to Isla Blanca, Isla Blanca is a virgin beach that does not have any hotel, restaurant, nightclub, just a place where the beach day and night is much more enjoyable.

In addition, near this beach you can find one of the most beautiful lagoons of the Riviera Maya and where the spectacular sunset lends itself to take pictures that you will never forget.

Remember that Playa Mujeres has a Marina: From here you can rent a yacht or a boat to explore the Caribbean Sea, snorkel in the reefs and even visit Isla Mujeres.

Looking for something to do at night with your family? Well you might want to take the Capitan Hook pirate ship tour, on this tour you will sail from the port near Puerto Juarez on the replica of a Spanish galleon and for more than 4 hours you will enjoy a pirate show, accompanied by an incredible and delicious dinner that can be lobster or chicken, and your favorite drinks.

Without a doubt, Playa Mujeres has everything you need to not get bored at all and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.

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