Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is the eleventh municipality in the state of Quintana Roo and its beauty lies in being a small fishing village, with a very quiet, cozy and Caribbean life.

A place where its beaches invite us to refresh ourselves at all times, where the sandbanks give us moments of tranquility, relaxation or extremes and more,

BUT Puerto Morelos is not only a paradise of beaches and the best adult and 5 star hotels, it is also a mystical path to nature full of diverse cenotes, caves, caverns and kilometers of tropical jungle. So no doubt you will be amazed by this small area of the Riviera Maya.

Puerto Morelos

Where is Puerto Morelos located?

The small town of Puerto Morelos is located at a "halfway point" between the city of Cancun and the city of Playa del Carmen.

What is the distance from Cancun to Puerto Morelos?

The distance from downtown Cancun to Puerto Morelos is 38 km and the distance from Cancun airport to Puerto Morelos is 25.6 km.

How long does it take to get from Cancun to Puerto Morelos?

It takes approximately 25 minutes to 30 minutes to get from Cancun city or from Cancun airport to Puerto Morelos.

How to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

To get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun there are 5 different options and of course, each of them will depend on where you are from. However, the 5 transfer options to Puerto Morelos are the private transportation service, private cab, ADO bus, Colectivo de Playa Express and own or rented car.

t should be noted that the best transfer option which is available from the airport or downtown Cancun and will take you to the door of your hotel in Puerto Morelos is the Private Transportation service.

How to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun

Private transfer to Puerto Morelos

Of the 5 transportation options that exist to get to Puerto Morelos, the private transfer service is the best option. This service can be booked and paid online. In addition, you can set the "boarding" point regardless of whether it is the Cancun airport, downtown Cancun or the Hotel Zone.

Being a totally private service, you will not share it with anyone else who is not your friend or relative and also, the vehicle has a maximum capacity of 8 passengers, several suitcases, air conditioning Wifi and can be customized with food and beverages.

So if you want to travel comfortably from Cancun to Puerto Morelos and/or from Puerto Morelos to Cancun, the private transfer service is your best option.


Cab is a service that can be taken from the Cancun airport or from downtown Cancun. Although we highly recommend only taking them from the airport. They are much more comfortable, safer and cleaner. The approximate cost of the cab transfer is 400.00 MXN and the maximum capacity is 3 people and very little luggage.


ADO is a low cost shared transportation service which can be taken from Cancun airport or from downtown Cancun. As such it does not have a "base" or "bus terminal" in Puerto Morelos, but remember that Puerto Morelos is between the route Cancun - Playa del Carmen, therefore: It makes continuous stops at the entrance of the city.

Playa Express

The beach express service is another shared and low cost means of transportation to Puerto Morelos. It is only available in downtown Cancun and the cost is 55.00 MXN.

Own car

Finally, if you have your own, borrowed or rented car then you have much more freedom to go to Puerto Morelos and you just have to use the GPS to get there.

How to get around in Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos is really a small place, a place that allows you to move freely between its streets without the need to take a cab. It is necessary to remember that there are two zones that are part of Puerto Morelos, the hotel zone which is located in front of things and the town of Puerto Morelos.

These two zones "are divided by the federal highway" and you will only need a bus to get to the hotel zone. It is a short bus ride of no more than 10 minutes.

However, once inside the town, whether in the hotel zone or downtown, you will not need any other type of transportation to get around and get to know the beauty of the place.

Puerto Morelos Beach

Puerto Morelos, like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, has a great diversity of beaches. Quiet, shallow beaches, beaches with very unruly waves and others very close to the reefs.

In fact, the beaches of Puerto Morelos are located less than 500 meters from the second largest reef in the world and therefore, you can meet and swim with hundreds of colorful fish.

In addition, the white sand, the tranquility and the large number of nearby beachfront restaurants will make your experience in Puerto Morelos unforgettable.

Puerto Morelos Beach

Hotels in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos has a wide range of hotels and we dare say, it is one of the best: Most of the resorts are luxury, 5 star, family and adult only. Of course, it also has humble accommodations, cabins, Airbnb.

As if this were not enough, most of its resorts are oceanfront, in the hotel zone, some so far away from each other and of course, the hostels, cabins and hotels hidden among the jungle.  So without a doubt you are going to love the offer of lodging and tranquility and right now we are going to know some of them.