Do you want to stay very close to Plaza La Isla? The Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla hotel is one of the best lodging options for you and less than 10 meters away from Plaza La Isla, Plaza Kukulcan, Plaza Luxury Avenue and Playa Marlin.

Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla

This incredible 5-star hotel overlooks the Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea and its location is a competitive advantage, as it is located next to Plaza La Isla, which offers multiple first class commercial and gastronomic options.

In addition, this resort offers stays with your pet. And you can’t even imagine the breathtaking views you’ll have from the multiple bars and outdoor rooftop pool.

Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla

Distance from Cancun airport to Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla hotel

Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla is located at km 14 of Cancun’s hotel zone and the fastest, safest and shortest way to get there is by private transfer service, which will cover a distance of 27 km and an approximate travel time of 20 minutes.

How to get to the Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla hotel from Cancun Airport

The hotel is located at km 14 of the hotel zone and due to this location there are 3 transfer options available from Cancun airport, the first option is the private transfer service, the second option is the cab service and the third option is the ADO bus service + public transportation.  Now we will tell you about each of them.

Private transportation

The private transportation service is the best option to get from Cancun airport to the Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla hotel. First of all it has to be mentioned that this type of service can be booked online, personalized and this way you can be sure that arriving at the Cancun airport, the driver will be waiting for you.

Being a private service, it is not shared at all with other people and in addition, the units are spacious and can comfortably carry up to 8 people. As if this were not enough, the unit has air conditioning, free WIFI and ports to connect your charger and charge your cell phone.


The cab service in Cancun is a service provided in a small versa, nissan or tsuru type unit with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers, but with very little luggage. This unit can be taken from the Cancun airport.

Only you will have to wait in line to board a cab and also, although there is a standard rate: As there is no regularization, they can charge you “whatever they want”, so you can pay more or you can pay less for the transfer service to your hotel.

But we will not deny that it is an excellent transportation option if you are in a hurry to get there. It is very fast, which compensates for the lack of space and amenities such as air conditioning and WIFI.


If you are looking to save money on transportation and of course, comfort is not a problem for you. Then you can take an ADO bus from the Cancun airport. The cost of the bus ranges from 55.00 MXN to 98.00 MXN. It all depends a lot on the available schedules.

But as such, the service has as destination the ADO terminal in downtown Cancun and from there you will have to take a public transportation that goes all over the hotel zone. Tell the driver to allow you to get off at Plaza La Isla, as it is the most accurate reference to the hotel and from here walk about 500 meters to reach the door of the cab Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla.

What is the best way to get to the hotel?

The best way to get from Cancun airport to the hotel, Canopy By Hilton Cancun La Isla , is through our private transfer service. It is the fastest, safest and most reliable option. Besides having 100% clean and sanitized units after each trip. What are you waiting for to book?


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