Fairfield, a chain of Marriott hotels, these meet a high expectation of the public and all the people who work in that chain, this specific hotel meets all these demands and more, so it has a rating of four stars and a numerical score of 8.2, which makes it a very good hotel, also this place is recommended for young couples and can come with their pets, we should also note that this place is located very close to the Cancun International Airport, making it very coveted and very central for tourists.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Airport

A hotel with such a high rating has many things for its guests, among them is high speed internet, parking with security, access for guests’ pets, garden with the necessary furniture for you to enjoy the surroundings, golf course and private lessons, bar, restaurant and champagne and wine service, reception service around the clock, mini super market, banquet area, accessibility and inclusion, gym with all the necessary equipment, swimming pool and diversity of languages.

Located next to two major universities in Cancun, which makes this location one with a lot of nightlife and with enough flow of people at all times, also has quite close to the Mayan Museum, the Technological Stadium, five very good and beautiful beaches, plus they are very safe, is very close to the Cristo Rey church, the bus stop and also the Coco Bongo, this is one of the busiest places in Cancun.

It has 3 types of rooms, the first one is the guest room, which has an extra long double bed, the second room would be the guest room 2, in this room there is also an extra long double bed, and the third one is the suite, it has an extra long double bed and a sofa bed.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Airport

Fairfield Inn Hotel Address

The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Airport hotel is located 5.7 km away from Cancun Airport and its postal address is: Blvd Luis Donaldo Colosio Sm 305 Mza 01 L-3-02 Cond S2-1, 77533 Cancun, Q.R.

Transportation to the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Airport Hotel

The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Airport hotel is located less than 6 km from the Cancun airport. So you can get there on foot. Of course, as long as you carry very little luggage. However, if you want other options to get to the Fairfield Inn hotel from Cancun Airport, then you can opt for a private transfer service or a cab.

Private transfer

The private transfer service is the safest option to get to the Fairfield Inn hotel from Cancun airport. It can be booked online, has its prices already established and offers vehicles even for group transfers.

Costs range from 35 USD to 100 USD. It really depends on the number of people and the type of vehicle of your choice.


The cab is a private vehicle, whose capacity is to carry 4 people with little luggage, in this case, due to the proximity of the Cancun airport to the hotel, it is a highly recommended option.

The cost can range from 30 USD to 45 USD. Actually you are charged whatever the “driver considers”. Don’t forget that it is a small unit, so if you are carrying a lot of luggage it would not be a good option.


If you are looking for a hotel near the Cancun airport, this hotel is the ideal one for you. It meets many quality standards and it is also very economical.  So whether you are just passing through or just a relaxing vacation, this hotel may be the one you are looking for!



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