Blue Star Cancun Hotel

Hotel Blue Star Cancun

This is one of those hotels that become favorite for its structure, its decoration and everything that this entails, it is about how it transmits you that you will have a really good time in your stay, it has a numerical rating of 8.2 out of 10, besides being located in the center of Cancun, and being recommended mainly for couples since there are no things dedicated to children and it is exclusively for adults.

Hotel Blue Star Cancun

Blue Star Cancun Hotel

The Blue Star Cancun Hotel has many things to offer you, ideal to be a place frequented by you and your social circle, has terraces, outdoor furniture, perfect for a good time, a sun terrace on top of the hotel, has tours, classes and other types of activities to encourage learning about the local culture, entertainment in the evenings, wine service, champagne, fruit, and more, has snack bar, restaurant, bar, wifi very good speed, parking with surveillance, information tours and tourist areas, reception service twenty-four hours a day, swimming pool every day of the year, with appropriate furniture for it, with public restroom and bar in the vicinity.

Located very close to the Beto Avila Stadium, Las Palapas Park, Andres Quintana Roo Stadium, Cancun Culture Center, Cristo Rey Church, Cancun Bus Station, Cancun Government Palace, Toro Valenzuela Stadium, and Plaza Las Americas shopping mall, besides having a little further away two airports, five beaches, and several nightclubs, universities, hospitals, and more.

It has a variety of three rooms, among these are the king suite with SPA bathtub, perfect for two people, this has an extra long double bed, then we have the Superior Double room, which is perfect for three people and has two double beds, and finally we have the standard queen room, which has two double beds and is ideal for three people.

Where is the Blue Star Cancun Hotel located?

The Blue Star Hotel is located on Palenque Avenue in Cancun, very close to Market 28 and Plaza Holliwod. The postal address of the hotel is: Palenque 102, 77509 Cancun, Q.R. It should be noted that this is a “central” location surrounded by restaurants and stores.

How to get to the Blue Star Cancun Hotel?

The Blue Star Cancun Hotel is located in an urban area a “little far” from downtown Cancun, but at the same time in a very busy avenue from where you can take several transports to go downtown or to the hotel zone of Cancun. This allows us to have an advantage in terms of transportation from the Cancun airport, which can be by private transfer, cab or ADO bus.

Private Transportation

The private transfer service is the best option to move from the Cancun airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the Cancun airport. It is very comfortable, spacious, safe, equipped with free WIFI, air conditioning, electrical connections to charge your mobile devices and also, you can make the reservation online.

This way you don’t have to worry about anything: The transfer team will be waiting for you at the Cancun airport on the day of your flight arrival. Moreover, by being able to book and pay online, you won’t have to pay a single peso more.

So don’t hesitate and book your transfer in Cancun right now.


The cab is a private service provided in a small unit with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers. Of course: These 4 passengers should have few suitcases, since being a small unit does not have much space to carry a lot of luggage.

These units are usually much faster than other types of service, but despite there is a specific rate on the transfer costs; These costs are not usually respected by the drivers of the units. So you can pay from 500.00 MXN to 1,000.00 MXN per transfer.

It should be noted that you have to wait in line to board one of these units. However, if you are in a hurry to get to the door of your hotel, this means of transportation may be your best option.


If you are looking for an economical transportation option from the Cancun airport to the Blue Star Cancun Hotel, then you can buy your ADO ticket at the Cancun airport. This way you only have to wait about 20 to 30 minutes to board the bus.

After that, the bus will take you to downtown Cancun and from there you can take a cab or public transportation to Palenque Avenue and get to your hotel.


As you can see, we have 3 transfer options to the Blue Star Cancun Hotel and it’s up to you which one to choose. But do not doubt that its location has many competitive advantages and you can move without problem to downtown Cancun and the most striking places in the city. See you soon in another post.


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